What mistakes should be avoided in order to perform ideal manicure?

Naturally, all of us women would like to have our hands and nails well cared-of. In fact, hands are easy to care of since all we have to do is treat these with a moisturizing cream, wear gloves in the winter and perform an exfoliation treatment from time to time. And what about the nails? One nail polish is not simply enough to make them look good. Having these in mind, learn what mistakes should be avoided in order to perform ideal manicure.

First of all, a nail polish base coat.

As you do with your face and lashes, the same care should be taken of your nails. To clarify, you tend to apply a make-up base before you put on a make-foundation, and you coat your eyelashes with a primer to apply a mascara afterwards. As a consequence, nails should be also prepared and protected for upcoming colour cosmetic application. The truth is, a nail polish base coat counteracts discolouration of nail plates (in a case of dark nail polishes application) dirt, nail polish chipping and other damages that nails can be exposed to. In fact, there is no need in spending money on a separate cosmetic. In general, any regular nail strengthening or regenerating conditioner may work as a nail polish base coat.

Secondly, cuticle cutting.

Do you share the belief, that cutting out the cuticle, occupying a small area of nails, makes your hands look good? In fact, there is nothing being more far from the truth. If you tend to do so, you have probably noticed, that the cuticle tends to grow even thicker and stronger than before. The way better method of eliminating this kind of skin is to soften it in soap and water bath and then, push it back using a wooden stick, also known as, a cuticle pusher. In fact, in most cases, it is one of the items included into any regular complete manicure kit.

Thirdly, too much of nail polish gathered on a brush.

Enough is enough. This saying concerns also nails care. Certainly, gathering excessive amounts of a nail polish onto a brush hinders proper manicure performance, and the final result might be simply unattractive. Besides, the thicker layer of a nail polish, the more time it requires to dry out. Moreover, in such a case, the product multiple distribution is necessary. With this intention, nails should be covered with a thin layer of a cosmetic. You can, coat the nails with several layers in order to obtain either better coverage or more intensive colour, however, these coats must be thin.

Fourthly, olive.

When all layers of a nail polish, conditioners and top coat finally dry out, it is advisable to apply a moisturizing olive on both fingers as well as on nails. The fact is, most women perform this treatment too early and, as a consequence, the final effect of nail polish covered nails is destroyed. Basically, if an oil application has bad timing, this may lead to nail polish chipping out. To sum up, it is suggested to wait patiently till the top coat dries out completely in order to put on olive. Following this rule, one can be proud of her manicure perfectly done.

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