Make your own list of good habits: Health, Beauty and Care

Having healthy habits is an easy way to better care and general health. Besides, set rules help you organize everyday life to more effectively manage your time, including beauty and health. How does a list of good habits should look like?

Everyday habits

1. Meditation is a good start of the day. How to do it? It is enough if just for a few or several minutes in the morning you just focus on your breathing and try not to think about other things. Thanks to meditation you allow your mind to rest and you get rid of the tension.

2. Eat properly. Remember about breakfast as it will give you energy for the entire day, drink aroundĀ half a gallon of water, introduce meals rich in fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet and don’t forget about supplements.

3. Eliminate stress. Do not focus on several things at once. Stress and tension that is triggered this way can worsen your organism’s condition and that has a direct impact on your hair, skin and nails condition.

4. Remember about physical activity. It is one of the best ways to maintain your body’s condition. You should make 5 thousand steps a day and exercise a few times a week. Physical activity not only strengthens muscles but also boosts metabolism, blood circulation, and oxygenation.

5. Get enough sleep. An adult human being needs 7 or 8 hours of sleep for the organism to function correctly. You should go to sleep between 10:00-11:00 pm and stick to your biological rhythm. Keep in mind that sleep is the best thing you can do for your body.

Weekly habits

  1. Plan your diet and physical activity. The habits and orderliness will make a healthy diet easier and eliminate grazing. Find time for exercise. You can go to a gym, a pool, go for a bike ride or even take a walk.
  2. Find time for self-care. Once a week set a designated day that is for you only. Focus on your passions, nurse your inner peace, visit a beauty salon for your favourite treatment, set all other tasks and problems aside.

Monthly and yearly habits

Once a month visit a professional for treatment, for example, a beautician, a masseur, a hairdresser, a therapist. Once a year take basic health tests. Observe your organism because this way you will eliminate diseases and take better care of your health and beauty.

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