Make-up and skincare in one. Is it possible?

Not so long ago we could say that make-up has only one function. The manufacturers have never paid attention to what ingredients are used for creating cosmetics for make-up. Frequent and heavy make-up could flare up skin issues such as acne. Luckily, it’s all in the past! Check out what you can do to combine make-up and skincare into one.

Apparently, you cannot eat a cookie and have a cookie, but the truth is that we are getting better and better at combining the things that seemingly do not mix. Can make-up condition your skin? If you think that it doesn’t… you’re mistaken. It can! You just need to choose the right cosmetics. The cosmetics that hold the power.

Make-up and skincare. Can you combine it?

The base for make-up that also takes care of the skin is in the right cosmetics so it is worth paying attention to what you choose for skin, lips, or eyes make-up. The composition should be as natural as possible and cosmetics suitable for the minimum of a satisfactory result. What matters is quality, coverage, and how long-lasting it can be because then the layers are thinner so the skin is less weighed down and can breathe. It’s the very base when it comes to make-up that is not harmful to the skin.

What about the make-up that takes care of the skin? Here, you will need to read the composition and understand the difficult INCI to gather the information about whether the cosmetic contains something that can help your skin or not – it can be an addition of oil, herbal extracts, plant extracts, or simply vitamins.

Make-up cosmetics that condition the skin

Natural oil as a make-up base

In order for the make-up to be long-lasting, you will need a make-up base because thanks to it the cosmetic holds better, does not smudge or flake. You can get a ready base or use… natural oil. Perfect for this task are 2-3 drops of sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, or jojoba oil that create a thin occlusive layer on the skin. Thanks to it, the skin preserves proper hydration, will be smooth, full of glow, and prepared for the make-up. It is the perfect beginning for the make-up that takes care of the skin.

BB cream instead of foundation

The second step is evening out the skin tone and camouflaging the imperfections. If you want to take care of the skin, switch up the foundation for BB cream. The action is the same only the conditioning properties are much different. The secret to BB and CC cream is in a combination of foundation and cream. It is often enriched with valuable plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins while being way lighter for the skin. BB cream is a perfect choice for the skin that has plenty of imperfections and requires a lot of camouflaging make-up.

Translucent mineral powder

To set the make-up in place there are two different methods – the traditional and the one where you want to condition the skin. How is it possible? Among powders, there are more and more mineral powders which baseĀ  (as the name indicates) are minerals. Those work like a regular powder, i.e. they fix make-up and prevent shine in the T-zone while delivering the skin with nutrients and minerals that it needs.

Mascara with conditioning ingredients

Lastly, the idea for make-up and care of eyelashes in one, which means mascara with nourishing ingredients. Until recently conditioning mascara was something unusual and rare, but it slowly becomes a new normal. A good mascara should contain vitamins (e.g. E, known as youth vitamin) and plant extracts (e.g. baicalein, soy germ extracts, wheat germ extract, or ginseng). Mascara as such not only makes eyes look beautiful but also strengthens eyelashes throughout the day while you simply wear your make-up.

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