Mature skin – problems and care.

What are the characteristics of mature skin? Basically, one can experience problems of mature skin when s/he reaches his/her thirties. At this age, face becomes covered with fine lines, such as crow’s feet, discolourations and other ‘new’ skin imperfections. What is more, mature skin is prone to irritations, it may dry fast and lose collagen. What are the other problems that affect mature skin and how to combat them successfully?

Mature skin is rather dehydrated. This state is caused by various factors connected with environment, where a person lives, the food a person consumes and the lifestyle one adopts. The reasons of skin dehydration may be connected with smoking cigarettes, excessive alcohol consumption, and lack of creams including sun protection filters application. Skin which has low moisturization level is rough to the touch, exfoliates too frequently, and wrinkles are formed way faster than on well-hydrated skin.

How to help mature skin that have lost water as a consequence of improper care? Certainly, moisturization is a must. A good solution is application of cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid, E vitamin as well as oils, algae and plant extracts. Add to your diet, among others, olive oil and products containing unsaturated fatty acids.

Mature skin is fast to lose its elasticity and firmness. It is a result of collagen and elastine fibers disappearance (which is connected with the problem described above). As a consequence of these two substances drop in skin layers, face is becoming limp, the oval changes whereas new wrinkles are developing. What should be done at this point? You can benefit from cosmetics and food products containing plant hormones responsible for growth and development. Thanks to them, skin becomes more nourished, tautened, more elastic and blood flows much faster. What is more, it is also advised to include more products containing proteins which improve density of skin tissue.

Lack of shine is yet another problem connected strictly with mature skin. Skin after 30 turns dull, is covered with discolorations and ageing spots. This deteriorated skin condition is connected with water loss, improper melanin production, unhealthy lifestyle, and inadequate diet. How to cope with that difficulty? This kind of skin requires both highlighting and nourishment. For that reason, all products and cosmetics containing C and E vitamins are worth their weight in gold. What is more, it is also a good idea to visit a beautician and undergo AHA and BHA acids treatments. These products are good at exfoliating dead epidermis cells, highlighting discolourations, smoothing complexion and improving blood circulation in face skin tissues. It is also advisable to consume all the food products rich in C vitamin (e.g. pepper, lemon, potatoes, kiwi, etc.).

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