Ghasel Maltese Honey Body Cream. Check out how it works!

GHASEL Body cream with Maltese honey

Ghasel Maltese Honey Body Cream. Check out how it works!
Looking for an extremely hydrating cosmetic? Ghasel Maltese Honey Body Cream will free your skin from any dryness for 24 hours and using it regularly will strengthen its protective barrier.

Honey-based products show strong hydrating, nourishing and regenerating effects. Its biostimulating properties will quickly improve the appearance as well as the condition of even the most damaged and dry skin. 

Check out the way Maltese Honey Body Cream works

Unique Ghasel cream and its subtle honey scent bring relief and maximum comfort. Its formula is rich in vitamins and lightweight at the same time, allowing it to protect the epidermis from damage, eliminating imperfections as well as cellulite and stretch marks.

Honey care from Ghasel is the end of your worries that your skin will ever lose its firmness and elasticity. Powerful antioxidants combined with natural plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals create a solid amount of nourishment for tired, lackluster skin.

Lightweight Ghasel cream does not leave a greasy layer on the surface of the skin. It does, however, surround your body with an invisible barrier that protects it from damage, UV radiation and adverse environmental factors.

Powerful antioxidants and vitamins

The cream is a real hydration and nourishment bomb for – it adapts to the needs of the body of any age. It also strengthens the hydrolipid barrier, preventing water loss from within the epidermis.

Healing properties of Maltese honey, high protection against dryness and external factors are the reason why Maltese Honey Body Cream is a unique anti-aging cosmetic that brings outstanding results. Maltese honey has a hydrating and nourishing effect, it also fights bacteria and reduces inflammation. Getting rid of cellulite and stretch marks and maintaining a radiant look isn’t difficult with this product!

Avocado oil protects the skin against getting dry, giving it 24-hour hydration. It regenerates even the most irritated skin and supports the regulation of its water management, while protecting it from adverse external factors and water loss. The oil brings relief in the case of irritation after excessive exposure to sun radiation.

Vitamins A and E, present in Maltese Honey Body Cream, brighten discoloration, take care of long-term hydration, firmness and nourishment, making the skin look young and glowing. These youth vitamins even out the skin tone, restore the skin’s elasticity and soothe sensitive skin.

Ghasel Maltese Honey Body Cream

You can use it regardless of your age as long as you need an extra portion of hydration. The cream will take excellent care of your skin, ensuring you don’t have to worry about losing its firmness. A big dose of vitamins, minerals and active ingredients will give you a feeling of extreme hydration for a long time.

GHASEL Body cream with Maltese honey

Ghasel Maltese Honey Body Cream:

  • 24-hour hydration and nourishment of the skin,
  • velvet-like smoothness and firmness of the body,
  • even, healthy and beautiful color,
  • maximum comfort of use.

Maltese honey and carefully selected components are the highest-quality professional care that you can give your body. Maltese Honey Body Cream meets all your needs, making the skin look younger and more glowing than ever.

Go for a day and night cream from Ghasel and immerse yourself in the power of natural honey care! Learn more about the product: