Simple ‘clean girl’ makeup in just 5 steps

The ‘clean girl’ trend is a new, revived version of the ‘no makeup’ makeup look that went viral on TikTok and Instagram. The ‘clean girl’ look involves an even skin colour, fluffy brows, and shiny hairs combed back and styled in a ‘sleek bun’ style. A couple of products and voilĂ ! In this case, less is better. See how to do it.

1. Skin preparation

Skin care and cleansing have an important role in makeup and affect the final result. How to start? Cleanse the skin thoroughly with a delicate gel or foam. Use an enzymatic peeling to get rid of dead skin and smooth out the skin. Apply the skincare products in layers. Start with a toner, then use a serum, or a day cream (it’s best to use one that has SPF). Moisturize your lips with a protective lip balm. Wait a few minutes so everything is absorbed and proceed to makeup.

2. Complexion with a glow effect

The first step to the ‘clean girl’ makeup – a lightweight foundation with a silky finish. It should blend well with the skin. Avoid high coverage and heavy foundation that creates a ‘mask’ effect. To camouflage imperfections, go for a liquid concealer. Apply it in the inner corners of your eyes as well. If the colour of your complexion is rather uniform you can use a lightweight BB cream instead of foundation.

3. Blush, bronzer and highlighter

Pink cheeks and a sun-like glow on the skin go well with the ‘clean girl’ look. Apply the blush in areas where your skin naturally gets red – cheeks, nose and chin. Add more colour to your temples and eyelids. Which blush to choose? One that has a creamy consistency or is a stick with a peachy finish. You can use your fingers for application. The bronzer should find its place in areas where you tan the quickest: the nose, chin and forehead line. Use a highlighter to brighten your inner corners, the tip of your nose, cupid’s bow, lower brow line and the top of your cheekbones. Choose the one with neutral undertones that creates an effect of a smooth surface and ‘wet skin’. Fix the whole thing with transparent powder but don’t use too much so the skin keeps the natural ‘glow’. It’s best to use it only on the T zone where the skin gets mostly oily.

4. Essential details

What about eye makeup? All you need is to curl your lashes and coat them with mascara. Go ahead and accentuate the upper lash line with a brow pencil or powder – draw a thin line and blend it a little. You can also apply a blush or a highlighter on your eyelids. Use a lip gloss, lip balm or add a little colour to your lips.

5. Natural and fluffy brows

‘Fluffy brows’ is a technique that delivers an effect of pigmented and expressive yet very light and feathery brows. You can create them using a brow soap, transparent gel, pomade or a brow pencil. Grab a spoolie and apply a small amount of brow soap or gel and brush it through your hairs, coating eyebrows with an even layer. This will add volume and fix your eyebrows in place. Go for a pomade or a pencil and draw little hairs in sparse areas.

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