Ways for Having Thick and Long Eyelashes: Diet, Oils, Serums

Due to a season, hormonal changes or frequent exposition to various beauty treatments our lashes’ resistance to destructive factors decreases. As a consequence, they start falling out, become brittle and thin. How to stop this?

It frequently happens that eyelashes are neglected when it comes to daily beauty rituals; they aren’t considered as a body part that requires our attention. This conviction is false because if not supplied with nourishing substances, lashes will become thin and short. Unfortunately, no mascara will be able to fix this and boost the looks of such fatigued eyelashes. For that reason, the first step to take is the introduction of the right lash care practices and, instead of spending money on a mascara, investing in a high quality eyelash growth serum.

The Effect of Diet on Eyelashes

It’s worth realising how eyelashes are affected by our eating habits. Their bulbs obtain many beneficial substances from the organism, therefore it’s worth consuming wholesome products such as fruit and vegetables reach in vitamins and mineral compounds. Naturally, occasional fast food eating won’t do any harm but it’s better to base the menu on healthier products and care for versatility. In the case of eyelashes, the most important are the following substances: zinc, silica, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and biotin.

Eyelash Oiling

The support delivered form the inside isn’t enough, therefore it’s worth conditioning lashes from the outside, too. One of the old-school methods is for using natural oils that feature quite a number of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. The most frequently recommend oil to condition lashes is castor oil, but before applying it to the lashes, it’s better to mix it with, for example, olive oil. Pure castor oil is rather thick and this may weigh lashes down, clump them and lead to excessive thinning. Indeed, lash oiling is one of the alternatives but its effects are said to be not satisfactory enough. Also, one has to wait pretty long to notice any improvement in lash condition.

Professional Eyelash Growth Serum

Currently eyelash growth serums are said to be one of the best options available. Although you can undergo various lash treatments such as lash lift, still it’s an everyday use of the right cosmetic that is considered as the most delicate way of conditioning lashes; also, it delivers maximum effects. Is just any eyelash growth serum good enough? Of course, it isn’t because the products available on the market differ one form another in composition, action and application. It’s worth bearing in mind that a good eyelash growth serum should have uncomplicated composition made from fairly natural ingredients. Also, it should go with a thin brush and be absorbed fast.