Does the packaging matter? Let’s see!

Apparently, we buy with our eyes. Beauty brands take advantage of it and they pay attention to every visual detail of their cosmetics. However, the packaging matters not just because it draws our attention. There are several reasons why you should pay attention to the packaging of the product you intend to buy.

Cream in a jar or a tube? Shampoo in a bottle with a pump or a bar shampoo? Serum with a pipette or without? Glass, plastic, or perhaps… paper packaging? The options are plenty so it is the subject worth discussing. Possibly for many of you, it will simplify the choice so that the use of the product will be easier and it can, for example, contribute to the environment.

The packaging must be practical

The most important criterion that you should keep in mind when choosing the cosmetic is convenience. If you don’t mind grabbing a bottle with wet and slippery hands when you are in the shower, then there’s no problem. However, sometimes it is better to choose a shower gel with a pump to easily take some from the shelf nearby and not worry that it may slip out of your hands.

Cosmetics with the intended use for the shower is a very broad subject when it comes to packaging. Besides convenient dispensers, the material that is used for it also matters. Shampoo, shower gel, or hair mask in a glass packaging is a risk that it will slip out of your hands and break right under your feet. If you want to avoid it, you need to give up the ecological solution for the sake of plastic.

Ecological packagings of cosmetics

If we’re in the ecology subject, it becomes more and more important to choose ecological cosmetics and not just considering their composition but also the packaging. The omnipresent plastic becomes a problem that cannot be avoided that is why so many manufacturers decide to use biodegradable packaging and materials that are suitable for recycling. The glass jars and bottles with wooden caps rule in this category because that helps minimize the amount of plastic. However, you should keep in mind that nowadays even packages made with plastic are being recycled. You need to look for the right signs on the given products.

Sanitary dosage is essential

The cause for most skin related problems is bacteria that causes unfavorable inflammations. If you wish to lessen the risk of transferring to the skin, you should choose cosmetics with sanitary packagings. What does it mean and which products are sanitary?

Instead of cream in a jar, choose such in a tube or with a pump – if you will not put fingers inside the packaging, you will not transfer the bacteria so it will be healthier for you and will make your cosmetic last longer.

A great option is also an airless bottle that does not allow air to get inside the packaging. What it means for us is that the cosmetic preserves its freshness for longer because the oxidation process does not occur. This type of bottle is usually used for high-end cosmetics and natural cosmetics that contain fewer preservatives so they need to be preserved using other means, e.g. using a special kind of packaging.

The packaging is made to protect the cosmetic

Lastly, we have the most important thing: the packaging is not only meant to be pretty, ecological, and practical but also solid. Its durability determines whether the cosmetic is protected properly – against spilling, against the air and humidity (typical bathroom conditions) but also against the sun. That is why e.g. natural oils always have to have bottles made with dark glass because the sun speeds up the spoiling process of the product and makes it lose its properties way faster.

Pay attention to every detail because what matters is not just what is in the composition of the product but also how the contents have been packaged up.

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