Through the Eyes of Hair Experts: Ranking of 5 Best Hair Masks

Everyone wants healthy, lovely, well-taken-care-of hair. Many of us try special products, such as hair masks, to boost the effects of daily hair care efforts. If you’re searching for the best ones – we know a few that are recommendable. Read our ranking based on experts’ opinions as well as ingredients in a product, prices, and effectiveness. Check out our roundup of top hair masks!


Damage is caused by many factors not just body-related like stress, bad diet, past diseases or medication we take. The outside world and environmental factors harm the hair as well: solar radiation, high temperature, cold weather, toxins and air pollution, ill-matched products or mechanical injuries (from rubbing, tugging, sleeping with hair, etc.). If we eliminate things that can be eliminated (by using sun protection, gentle towel-drying, setting cool airflow on a dryer, using suitable products), then hair will definitely gain health and better looks.


You often wonder which hair care products work best? Next to a mild shampoo (e.g. micellar) and a suited conditioner with good ingredients, hair experts recommend hair masks. Without a doubt, they’re top hair products which belong to intensively-conditioning treatments. In practice that means better results and intensified care.

Hair masks are different from other hair care products because they’re higher in nutritional ingredients and have a specially designed texture to allow the substances to penetrate the deepest layers of hair. The best masks revitalize damaged hair and can really improve its condition, making it look lovely again.

Ranking of 5 Best Hair Masks



Hair repair mask with keratin proteins and panthenol

SIZE: 300 ml

Time for fabulous, luminous and silky-smooth hair! Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask is the number-one hair product according to many hair experts! It gets top ratings on the Internet – top choice of women wanting healthy and beautiful hair. Nanoil is a perfect mask for damaged hair but works wonders on any other type, perfectly conditioning weak and delicate but also thick and strong hair. You can use it as an anti-damage product on healthy tresses – it will guarantee they stay in perfect shape. Keratin proteins build the hair so we all need to replenish them. The top quality plus quick and amazing effects are the things that we love about this mask.

Turn your hair around within just 2 or 3 weeks! You’ll see how quickly Nanoil restores lost shine, smoothness and softness. Your tresses will be manageable and revived thanks to powerful liquid keratin and deeply-hydrating panthenol. Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask will bring an end to hair breakage and split ends. You can enjoy stronger, thicker hair from the roots to the tips!

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Hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid – for hair which has stopped growing

SIZE: 200 ml

Kerastase Densifique is an excellent mask for adding volume to hair. It will deeply strengthen it and nourish the hair follicles, stimulating growth. It’s good for weak, thinning hair. The formula contains an innovative ingredient, Stemoxydine, which penetrates stem cells of hair bulbs. Hyaluronic acid is another important component which binds water molecules to maintain the optimal hydration and add resilience. Vitamins B strengthen the hair structures. You use Kerastase Densifique differently: apply a small amount on damp hair, lather and rinse it out. It’s a perfect mask to handle loss of hair density, but small size and high price are the turn-off.


Oil-mask for all hair types

SIZE: 200 ml

It’s one of top-rated hair masks. Collistar Sublime Oil-Mask is rich in emollients and works well for all types of hair. It’s a luxury and costly product. Still, effects make it a popular pick among customers and hairdressers. This multi-purpose mask can act as a weekly nourishing-and-repairing treatment. It deeply conditions the hair: revitalizes, smooths, nourishes, moisturizes, and protects from damage. Regular use will let you get lovely-looking hair back.


Nourishing hair mask with argan oil

SIZE: 300 ml

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly emollient mask – try a remarkable argan oil mask from Nanoil. You’re going to love it as much as girls who recommend it for fine, tangling, unmanageable and unruly hair. With Nanoil Argan Mask you’ll quickly get resilient, smooth hair which is easy to style and detangle. Argan oil makes sure hair stays moisturized and shiny, prevents frizz, and strengthens from the roots to the tips. Nanoil Argan Hair Mask is a great choice no matter the season of the year or hair type. It prevents loss of water, protects from external conditions, adds health, strengthens and beautifies.


Revitalizing mask for damaged hair

SIZE: 200 ml

L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair is an excellent hair mask that’s been designed specially for damaged, very dry hair, brittle ends, and hair which needs intensive care. Regular use deeply repairs and smooths the strands, making them soft and bouncy. The repairing formula is enriched with lipids. L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Mask should be left in from 3 to 5 minutes so it’s an express treatment. You can see the effects after a few uses. Don’t go for it if your hair is fine or easily weighed-down – it may be too heavy.