Sensible feet care. How to do it correctly?

Feet require daily care all year long. The most attention we devoid to them in the summer because then have to look beautiful in sandals and the summer sun. However, it is worth to remember that skin of feet needs to be taken care of no matter the season. You have to know which methods are effective and which it is better to avoid.

When it comes to feet, systematic skin care is very important. When in boots or trainers, feet are subjected to overheat, humidity, excess sweating, fungus. On the other hand, when in open shoes it is easy for keratinisation of epidermis, dryness and mechanical damage. How to take care of feet no matter the season? Which from the at home methods are recommended and which cause more harm than good? Let’s find out.


Pumice? No, thank you!

The most popular gadget for removal of dead skin cells is pumice. Unfortunately, the popularity does not mean that it is the right method. Pumice, especially when rarely replaced, is a true bacteria habitat. What is more, it is not very gentle and can damage epidermis, excess removal results with increase callus building up.
Great alternative for pumice is foot rasp file, for example, paper or glass. You should also limit callus removal to once a month.

Befriend the podiatrist

When your foot suffers painful blister after, for example, all night party in high-heels, you usually go to the pharmacy and buy yourself some corn plaster. The belief that we can remove blisters on our own is mistaken. The corn plaster contains intense acids which macerate skin. Unfortunately, in the meantime it also damages the healthy skin that surrounds the blister, leaving the core intact.

The DIY methods for blister should be replaced with a visit to the podiatrist. The specialist will remove the blister and protect the skin.

Cream only for the feet!

It may seem like it doesn’t matter what you apply on your feet. We think that every cream will do if it only is moisturising. It is entirely wrong. The foot structure is different than the rest of the body so its skin care should be precise. The foot has around 250 thousand of sweat glands and not even one sebaceous gland, that is why it is dry so quickly. On top of it, the skin of feet is even 4 times thicker than the skin in different parts of the body.

It is worth to try cosmetics intended for the foot care. A good cream should combine moisturising, antibacterial and refreshing properties.

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