Cellulite. How to deal with it?

Almost everyone has it. Ladies and gentlemen, young girls and mature women, famous models and average people have to face cellulite. One may say that it is impossible to win with cellulite. Fortunately, it can be masked a little, using appropriate cosmetics and treatments, and regularly exercising and eating healthily.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite (orange peel) is a defect that covers the dermis and subcutaneous tissue along with the adipose tissue therein. The dermis contains collagen and elastin fibres that hold the subcutaneous tissue and give it a proper shape. Fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue have the shape of vertical barrels that can pierce the collagen and elastin fibres, forming folds on the skin surface. And that’s what cellulite is.

Cellulite in men?

Although it is very rare, it still happens. Why does cellulite affect women more often? In men, the structure of the subcutaneous tissue is different. Fat cells are arranged horizontally, so they do not appear on the surface of the skin. Collagen and elastin fibres in men are denser and stronger, and the skin – thicker than in women.

Effective ways to get rid of cellulite

Are all methods of combating cellulite offered by beauty salons and placed in guide magazines effective? Unfortunately not. Which of them are worth choosing and which ones will be a waste of time?

  1. Body lotions. Unfortunately, they will not help fight cellulite; they can only moisturize the skin from the outside. Although there are substances that could reduce excess fat, no one has developed a method that would allow them to be transported through the skin.
  2. Massage. It promotes the removal of excess fluids that have accumulated in the dermis, but have not caused cellulite. Therefore, massage will improve the appearance of the skin only for a short time and will not provide a complete reduction of the orange peel.
  3. Beauty treatments. The best effects in the fight against cellulite are mesotherapy and laser therapy. The first of the treatments consists in implementing the proper substance responsible for strengthening the collagen and elastin fibres into the skin, the second – stimulating the regeneration of the dermis and improving the circulation.
  4. Diet and exercise. These are the best methods to get rid of cellulite. On the other hand, slim girls also have a problem with cellulite. However, reducing the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue can give good results.
  5. Body Wrapping. Wrapping the body in foil, going to sauna and chambers with elevated temperature is not conducive to the reduction of cellulite. They only result in dehydration and optical reduction of the circumference of the hips, thighs, arms and other places covered by the orange peel.

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