What cosmetics should be used and how to make our face and body skin ready for the summer.

The summer is just around the corner. Sunny weather facilitates sunbathing and wearing blouses that expose our low neckline and back. This in turn motivates us to take proper care of these parts of our body. How to pamper our body and what kind of cosmetics to use during hot, summer days?

How to make our body skin ready for the summer?

It is totally normal that we tend to uncover our shoulders and back in the summer. For that very reason, it is obvious that our body skin should look pretty and healthy. How to make it look that way after the harsh winter? If you had not been moisturizing your body skin during the winter, than your skin is probably rough, dehydrated and contracted. In that case, you can make use of a body scrub, which will smooth, make skin more firm and prepare it for upcoming body care treatments. What is more, during the summer, body skin requires precise cleansing. For that reason, wash your body every evening, using lukewarm water. Then, do not forget to moisturise it. In the morning, in turn, it is a good idea to use a cream or a lotion that contains sparking particles. In such a way, you will make your body skin gleam in sun rays. It is also suggested, to give your body an ice-cube massage, which is responsible for boosting blood circulation, firming skin, relaxing contracted muscles and simply provides refreshment. And what about face skin? You have to exfoliate dead skin cells and moisturise it systematically as well. However, the most important in here is a sunscreen. The highest concentration of sun protection filters, the better for your skin. This kind of a cosmetic will shield your delicate face skin from sunburns and solar sun-induced pigmentation. Another key issue, it is advisable to resign from all possible invasive and aggressive beautifying treatments during the summer. To illustrate, you should abandon the idea of undergoing chemical exfoliation treatments (use of hydroxy acids, salicylic acid or retinol to name just a few) and microdermabrasion. Instead, be patient and wait till autumn occurs. This season is the best one for undergoing the above-mentioned treatments. Furthermore, if your skin tends to be covered with excessive amounts of sebum, give a try to oil-control blotting papers. These are excellent at eliminating sebum leaving skin pure and fresh.

What cosmetics should be used during the summer?

The most favourable products are those of light and oil-free consistency, or simply the ones that are natural. Such cosmetics are not supposed to clog pores or run down the face after several hours of wearing during hot weather. Furthermore, all the products that we use during the summer should allow skin to breathe, protect it from the sun and be not only long-lasting but also waterproof. For example, a make-up foundation should have the following properties: be of light texture and contains moisturizing and matte features. Under such circumstances, it is a suggested to apply transparent powders – the ones, which are able to mattify and fix make-up. Basically, it is also advised to coat eyelashes with a waterproof mascara.
And what would you say for the idea of resigning from any colour cosmetics completely  and letting your skin catch a few sun rays?

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