Moisturizing and brightening Wild Rose cream from Korres.

Wild Rose in cosmetology – properties

Flower extracts are more and more popular ingredients used in the production of cosmetics. Quite similarly acts Korres cosmetic brand since adding wild rose extracts into its product. What is the reason for combining wild rose extracts with beautifying products? This plant is full of essential oils, C, A, B1, B2, E and K vitamins, as well as other beneficial substances. Fairy precious are the petals and leaves because these posses the antibacterial, antioxidant and immunizing features. What is more, wild rose is composed of extremely high concentration of C vitamin. This element is in particular responsible for immune system protection, while wild rose is consumed in a form of jams. In the filed of cosmetology C vitamin also brightens complexion. Furthermore, wild rose used in cosmetics softens, moisturizes and smooths skin. It also eliminates acne and relieves irritations.

Wild Rose cream from Korres.

Korres brand cosmetic is recommended mainly for oily and combination skin. It provides long-lasting and deep moisturization as well as skin brightening. Additionally, the cream absorbs sebum and eliminates skin gloss. Regular application of Korres’ product matt the complexion. Due to the great amount of C vitamin, which is the component of wild rose, skin becomes highlighted and discolourations disappear.

Cosmetics from Karres, including Wild Rose cream, comprise of only natural ingredients. That is the reason, why these cosmetics are especially recommended for owners of sensitive skin, as well as for vegans and vegetarians. Korres Wild Rose cream is of natural pH. What is more, the composition lacks of oils, silicons, paraffin, parabens, PEG, retinyl palmitate and any animal products. Furthermore, Korres products are not tested on animals.

How to apply Wild Rose cream from Korres? There is nothing extraordinary when it comes to the application of the product. The cream is to be patted into face and neck skin, avoiding eyes skin area, at the same time. Wild Rose cream from Korres is closed into a little, red jar with the white cap. The capacity of the product equals 40 ml. The little jar is packed into a while, carton box decorated with the red frame.

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