How to obtain natural suntan? Oils, vitamins, vegetables and fruits.

What do you associate the summer with? Naturally, with high temperature, strawberry ice-creams and sunbathing! However, tanning is not always so healthy. Read the article and get to know what are the methods for obtaining olive or brown complexion without a sign of discolourations or sunburns.

Each of us like sunbathing. Obviously, several-minute exposition to the sun does not harm us, however, let us be aware of the fact, that tanning around noon can lead to sunburns, discolourations, wrinkles and even skin cancer. On the other hand, we cannot just resign from sunbathing. Only under the influence of sun rays, our organism is able to produce D vitamin. This substance plays extremely important role in terms of human organism working. In short, it is crucial to creating endoskeleton and facilitates release of calcium. What is also important to mention, D vitamin increases accretion of muscle tissue, strengthens immunity of an organism, counteracts creation of cancer cells as well as diaereses risk of cardiovascular diseases development.

Diet vs. Suntan.

Is it possible to make your skin tanned just by eating a particular group of foods? Surprisingly, the answer is positive. Suffice to include into our diet food containing beta carotene. In brief, it is a carotene derivative that is able to work as antioxidant. What is more, beta carotene is responsible for maintaining immunological system and eyesight in a good condition. The most popular and the easiest-to-get source of beta carotene are carrots. Worth realizing, if we manage to eat at least two carrots a day, or drink carrot juice everyday, the shade of our skin will darken. Basically, beta carotene can be also found in peppers, oranges, tomatoes, dill, spinach, cherries and blueberries.

Oils vs. Suntan.

Despite changing our eating habits, we can apply carrot oil to make our skin slightly bown. Its composition is characterized by high concentration yet safe for our heath of beta carotene. Thanks to this oil, we will obtain suntan without exposing ourselves to the sun. In general, the cosmetic has to be applied everyday, after treating your body skin with a body scrub. As a consequence, it will be way easier to distribute the oil when our skin is smooth. Basically, carrot oil can be used in two ways, alone or when combined with a body balm, Shea butter or other oils. Despite carrot oil, self-tanning oils or the one containing sparkling particles are also popular products of skin darkening particles. These cosmetics gift skin with pretty colour and delicate gleam.

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