Does perfumed body lotion moistirize? Jour Perfumed Body Lotion from Hugo Boss.

What should a decent body lotion be characterized with? Firstly, it is supposed to moisturise body skin. Is every body lotion powerful enough to do it? Theoretically, the answer is positive, however, some of the mentioned products fulfil this task better and others rather worse. And what about perfumed body lotions? Are these equally good at hydrating dermis or do these only leave pleasant scent on skin? Let us take a closer look at Boss Jour Body Lotion from Hugo Boss.

Perfumed Body Lotion – Yes or No?

Smooth and beautiful skin equals moisturised and nourished skin. If you want to make your skin look like that, you have to hydrate it regularly by applying body lotions, creams or cosmetics butters. When it comes to intensive moisturizing care, this kind of treatment should be undergone mostly by people having dry and super dry body skin. In fact, this kind of people will benefit from fragrance-free body lotions of light consistency. Basically, allergic sufferers would also improve their skin condition using this kind of cosmetics. And who is destined to use perfumed body lotions like, for example, Boss Jour Body Lotion? In general, all the people whose skin type and condition of it allows to put on a scented cosmetic. If a surface of skin is not damaged in any degree, is not covered with acne or discolourations, and when the skin is not affected by any allergies, you are free to use the body lotion from Hugo Boss.

Boss Jour Body Lotion – Perfumed Body Lotion.

Hugo Boss Jour Perfumed Body Lotion is characterized by delicate scent of white flowers and citruses. It was inspired by the Eau de Parfum that holds similar scent. The body lotion has light texture, is easy to distribute on body skin all over, is fast to get absorbed, smells astonishingly and neither leaves a sticky layer on skin nor stains clothes. What is more, the producer put the cosmetic into a white bottle decorated with golden stripes. The bottle in turn is placed in a cardboard box. The capacity of a single package equals 200 ml. Another point to mention, originally, the product is recommended for normal skin type, although, it can be applied on every skin type. As noticed before, its prime mission is to moisturise skin. Last but not least, Jour Perfumed Body Lotion from Hugo Boss has to be massaged into body skin after having a shower or hair removing.

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