Why Coconut Oil Helps You Live a Better Life?

It sounds surprising or even illogical? But it’s not! Coconut oil is a versatile cosmetic which supports lots of life areas – not just as a beauty product but also as medication or dietary product. The power of coconut oil to make your day better is astonishing. Check out how many uses it has and how it makes your life better.

Coconut oil – slimming

This oil contains some untypical fatty acids. It stuns me that these acids, instead of settling in cells and body, take part in producing the energy. In other words, fatty acids in coconut oil help burn calories. That’s why coconut oil supports slimming, speeds up the metabolism, gives a feeling of repletion and reduces the appetite.

Coconut oil – conditioning

In this role, coconut oil is universal: works for body, face and hair care. It makes you beautiful, from head to toe, calming your senses with a wonderful, tropical coconut aroma. Thanks to the oil, hair doesn’t lose any moisture, the scalp is clean whereas the nails are no longer brittle. You should learn its benefits and reach for the best coconut oil-infused products. The oil is a good eye serum and makeup remover. One small jar of an unrefined coconut oil replaces several cosmetics. It’s an excellent ‘binder’ for other oils, herbal infusions or hydrosols.

Coconut Oil – healing

Coconut oil helps when your skin is sick or in poor condition. Any kinds of irritations, allergic reactions or blemishes disappear thanks to a regular use of coconut oil. Lauric acid, included in the oil, has antiseptic properties, soothes your skin and kills bacteria. At the same time, it’s so mild that it works for infant skin (e.g. deals with a nappy rash).