What are peel off nail polishes?

Which one of us like removing nail polish? Probably, this is not the least favorable care routine to perform. Definitely, the most time-consuming is glitter nail polish and hybrid nail polish removal. And to make matters worse, there is also this annoying smell of nail polish remover filling the air… If you do not feel like torturing yourself with manicure any longer, give a try to peel off nail polishes.

Peel Off Nail Polish – What Is This?

Peel off nail polishes work alike all makeup primers and makeup bases do. Once applied on a nail, these separate a regular nail polish from a nail plate. In such a way, these become way easier to be removed when we get tired of the colour we wear on the fingernails. Obviously, such nail polish base has to be put on appropriately prepared surface, so oil-free, clean and polished nail plate. When the nail base dries off, you are free to apply your favourite colour of a regular nail polish. After several days (the period of time should be provided by the producer) it is suggested to cleanse the nail plates from the nail polish. How to do it? Suffice to prise the peel off base apart with a thin instrument, for example, with a wooden stick, also known as a cuticle pusher. In such a way, nail polish and the peel off nail polish should be removed without problems. In a case, there are some nail polish residues, you can use a regular remover in order to get rid of these. At the end, it is suggested to moisturize hands along with the nail plates.

Other Types of Peel Off Nail Polishes.

There is yet another type of the above-mentioned nail care product. These are called hybrid peel off nail polishes. These are applied the same way as the typical ones, and are removed alike. However, the thing that sets these products apart is the period of time a nail polish holds a nail plate. Hybrid manicure lasts much longer. Naturally, before one decides to perform such manicure, it is crucial to polish nail plate and remove all substances gathered, for instance, water, dirt or sebum. In order to make the hybrid nail polish dry off faster, beauticians tend to use UV lamp.

Manicure – Useful Information.

Once again, before you apply a peel off nail polish, no matter whether a hybrid or a regular one, you cannot forget about preparing your nails for such a beautifying treatment. Cut your nails and file their edges the way you find most appealing. When your nails have the shape you would like them to obtain, remove all unwanted substances form the nail plate and polish their plates, push all cuticle. Only ideally prepared nails will look marvelous if covered with a nail polish.

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