TOP 6 Brow Serums Every Woman Will Love [Ranking]

best eyebrow growth serum

Are you wondering why your eyebrows are thin and matte? Don’t like the end result of your makeup and would like to do something about it, preferably without the help of a specialist though? We have good news for you all: all you need is a good eyebrow serum. No worries – you don’t have to look for it, wasting time and money on testing every product! We have prepared a ranking of the best eyebrow serums that really work.

An effective eyebrow growth serum can help you achieve the desired results and definitely improve your final makeup effects. It’s a good way to strengthen your eyebrows and keep them moisturized – without it, your eyebrows become dry and start to fall out, and it doesn’t have to be that way at all! Today you’ll learn which eyebrow serum is a hit, what its regular use can bring, and where to buy a particular eyebrow serum.

An effective eyebrow serum – which one to choose?

One that:

  • has a safe formula
  • is easy to apply
  • delivers quick and visible results


1. Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

best eyebrow growth serum

Who is it for? This serum is the perfect option for women who wish to make their brows thicker and fuller. It wiorks for all skin and brow types.

What’s special about this brow serum? 
The product features a safe formula that does not irritate or sensitize. Ginseng extract and soy and wheat germ extract are the most noteworthy ingredients.

How to apply this eyebrow serum?

This brow serum is efficient and comes with a precise applicator. Its application literally takes a moment and requires no special skills. Just cleanse the skin and apply the serum along your eyebrows evenly, then wait until it is absorbed. This activity should be repeated every day.

With this serum, your eyebrows become twice as thick in just 30 days! They will finally be full of shine, nourished, and flexible like never before.

Size: 5ml

Where to buy it? On the official website, online and regular beauty stores

2. RevitaBrow Advanced

Who it’s for?
For women who want to speed up their brow growth and ensure thicker arches. This eyebrow conditioner is suitable for sparse and thin eyebrows. It will also work well for women with microbladed eyebrows. It’s a product suitable for vegans and owners of sensitive, irritation-prone skin.

What’s special about this brow serum?
Among other things, its formula includes natural botanical extracts from ginseng and green tea. In addition, amino acids and B vitamins also have strengthening properties on the eyebrows.

How to apply this eyebrow serum?

The eyebrow serum comes with a convenient applicator. You just need to apply it once a day to those areas that need thickening.

This eyebrow-growth serum helps rebuild damaged eyebrows and slows down the aging process. It makes your eyebrows darker and thicker. The product has been tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists.

Size: 1.5ml/ 3ml

Where to buy it? Online and regular drugstores

3. M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum

Who’s it for?
For women who want to nourish and gently darken their eyebrows. With this eyebrow growth serum, you can also get rid of the problem of unwanted gaps. The product is suitable for sensitive skin.

What’s special about this brow serum?
The natural ingredient – Black Sea Rod Oil, makes eyebrows longer and thicker and restores their healthy appearance.

How to apply this eyebrow serum?

Using a special brush, apply the serum on the eyebrows once a day to dry and cleansed eyebrows.

This eyebrow growth conditioner is a good solution to help strengthen the eyebrows and make them more flexible and softer. It makes the brows less likely to fall out and break, as well as gives them the desired fullness.

Size: 5ml

Where to buy it? Online and in-store

4. Xlash Xbrow

Who is it for?
This eyebrow serum works for anyone who wants to thicken their eyebrows and make them shinier.

What’s special about this brow serum?This eyebrow growth serum features a good formula. It is worth focusing on these three ingredients: hydrolyzed wheat protein, biotin peptide, and green tea. Thanks to these substances, you can count on deep nourishment and hydration, as well as faster eyebrow hair growth.

How to apply this eyebrow serum?

The applicator is a comb brush, which allows you to reach every eyebrow hair. To apply the serum to the eyebrows, first, clean the skin, and then apply a small amount of serum along the brows. It’s best to do this every day, and once the desired results are achieved, apply the serum  2-3 times a week to maintain the results.

The eyebrow growth serum is efficient and vegan-friendly. It ensures you can get thicker and fuller eyebrows, as well as provide the desired shine to your arches.

Size: 3ml

Where to buy it? Online drugstores

5. RapidBrow

Who is it for?
For everyone who wishes for a fuller brow look. With this product, you can also count on good moisturization.

What’s special about this brow serum?It’s definitely the Hexatein™2 complex, which is a blend of six valuable ingredients like keratin, polypeptides, and sweet almond extract. Thanks to these ingredients, you can count on a visible improvement of the eyebrows, as well as accelerated hair growth.

How to apply this eyebrow serum?

It is necessary to apply the serum to the eyebrows with the help of a convenient mini-brush. This activity must be repeated twice a day, in the morning and the evening.

The eyebrow growth serum revitalizes and nourishes brow hairs. It is a good option to help improve their appearance and gently thicken them.

Size: 3ml

Where to buy it? Online and in-store

6. GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum

Who is it for?
For owners of thin, short, and sparse eyebrows that need proper strengthening and nourishment. With regular use of this brow serum, the arches look healthier.

What’s special about this brow serum?
The eyebrow serum is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids.

How to apply this eyebrow serum?

The product should be applied to natural and clean eyebrows. You need to apply it once a day and leave it on until it dries. The treatment with this product lasts for 4 months.

This eyebrow serum is a good solution for anyone who does not expect immediate results. The product has been dermatologically tested. What makes it special is that it comes in three sizes.

Sizes: 1ml/1.5ml/ 3ml

Where to buy it? Online drugstores

Why reach for an effective brow serum?

  • nourishes and regenerates brows
  • helps to tame them
  • ensures better results in eyebrow makeup
  • provides thicker and fuller brows to ensure you no longer need appointments and pricey treatments in a beauty salon
  • prevents hair loss and brittleness
  • gives your eyebrows shine and ensures your brows always look healthy and polished

Proper eyebrow care is essential if you want to thicken the eyebrows and improve their condition. Nourishing and moisturizing brow hairs, as well as the skin around the eyes, is the basis that you should remember every day. If until now, you were not sure how to care for your eyebrows so that they grow healthy and look neat, it’s high time to get a good eyebrow-growth serum!

Our ranking of the best eyebrow serums should give you a good indication of which brow serum to choose if you want thicker and stronger eyebrows. No more wondering how to improve the appearance of your eyebrows – by using an effective brow conditioner regularly, you will quickly notice a difference in their look!