The Secrets Of At-Home Brow Lamination With Nanobrow Lamination Kit

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Although brow lamination has been known for a long time, it became a super-popular beauty treatment to do at home in the past few seasons… Yes, nowadays you can easily perform the treatment in your own house! All you need is a good eyebrow lamination kit, just like Nanobrow Lamination Kit. Find out how to do brow lamination at home and what makes the Nanobrow kit so eagerly recommended!

What is eyebrow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that ensures effects lasting several weeks on the eyebrows. It involves applying special solutions that affect the structure of brow hairs and help change their shape and position. This treatment is a bit like perm which also affects the shape of the hair.
The lamination treatment is performed to achieve lifted, fluffy eyebrows, full of volume. In addition, they are shaped in the desired direction, most often brushed up, according to the latest brow trends. Lamination helps lift and shape them, as well as gives the brows a thicker look.

Nanobrow Lamination Kit – a unique kit for DIY brow lamination

At-home eyebrow lamination with the Nanobrow kit takes very little time! Forget about waiting in a chair for hours – now you can do a full treatment in just 20 minutes as it requires the application of only 3 products: brow glue, lifting solution, and a fixer. Although the Nanobrow Lamination Kit significantly reduces the treatment time, the effects last on the eyebrows just as long, and sometimes even longer than in the case of brow lamination at a professional beauty salon: that’s up to two months of perfectly shaped brows that look beautiful and healthy. Moreover, the Nanobrow kit is enough for 10 treatments!

At-home brow lamination kit – Nanobrow Lamination Kit

Nanobrow Lamination Kit contains a set of professional products, perfect for performing the treatment at home. The elegant box contains:

  1. brow glue
  2. lifting solution
  3. fixer
  4. a set of special applicators, a brush, and a spoolie
  5. step-by-step instructions on how to perform the brow lamination treatment

It is worth mentioning that all the bottles in the Nanobrow Lamination Kit are precisely numbered to ensure you have no problem determining which one to use next. You certainly won’t get confused, even if you are trying the lamination treatment for the first time.

eyebrow lamination set
Nanobrow Lamination Kit – brow lamination easy as never before.
Check out how to do it step by step and buy your brow lamination kit at

Brow lamination at home – what effects does it provide and how long do they last?

✓ First of all, your brows look much thicker and fuller.
✓ Your brows will have a pleasant texture and gain a healthy glow.
✓ Eyebrow lamination helps shape the brows into a desired position – you gain ultimate control!
✓ Brow lamination at home tames even unruly and unmanageable eyebrows.
✓ It gives eyebrows a more attractive look.
✓ Eyebrows following the lamination treatment become more defined and voluminous.
✓ They look so great, there’s no need for makeup!
✓ The results last for several weeks.
✓ You gain a symmetrical brow look.

Nanobrow Lamination Kit – who is it for?

This at-home brow lamination is a great choice for anyone who wishes for a natural and long-lasting brow styling method that would make their daily brow care routine easier. It’s also suitable for anyone who wants to define their brows and improve their shape so that they don’t have to worry about them for weeks. It’s also a great option for anyone struggling with daily brow makeup and fans of a natural look. Nanobrow Lamination Kit ensures beautiful eyebrows without the need for makeup!

eye brow lamination

Brow lamination – starter pack. Nanobrow’s kit is perfect for anyone!

No matter if you do eyebrow lamination professionally or if you are a beginner and need a good DIY brow lift kit – Nanobrow Lamination Kit will positively surprise you with its performance, effects, and easy application. It will also save you the time you used to spend on the brow lamination treatment. Now, thanks to Nanobrow, a DIY brow lift will take you about 20 minutes!

Try the trendiest brow treatment of recent months! Choose Nanobrow Lamination Kit!