The Best Brow Pomades – Meet The Winner!

best brow pomade

Which eyebrow pomade is the best? If your current eyebrow pomade doesn’t provide you with stylish eyebrows and its quality is far from perfect, it’s time to make a change! Try out the best ones and find out our recommendations for the best eyebrow pomade. Here is the ranking that allowed us to select the best one!

The best eyebrow pomade – how did we pick a winner?

We meticulously tested everything: the size, price, consistency, performance, durability, waterproof qualities, and whether the shades are natural and refined and suit both warm and cool tones. What kind of reviews is it receiving? Everything counts as the best eyebrow pomade has to be reliable in every way AND there is one that checks all the boxes! Check it out for yourself!

What are the advantages of a brow pomade?

Using eyebrow pomade helps create a thicker and fuller brow look.
It enhances your natural eyebrows, bringing out their natural beauty.
Eyebrow pomades are also used to fill in sparse and thinning areas to help build full and perfectly-shaped eyebrows and restore their proper look and your confidence.
It enhances your natural brow color and ensures a flawless finish.

How to apply eyebrow pomade?

To apply the pomade properly, you’ll need:

  • a flat, angled brow brush
  • a cone-shaped spoolie
  • the best quality eyebrow pomade, as you deserve premium products!

Here’s what you need to do to fill in the brows with the pomade:

  1.  Brush your brows with the spoolie upwards to style them.
  2.  Open the pomade. Scoop a bit on the pomade and place it on top of your hand, preferably a portion enough to do your full eyebrow makeup. Close the jar carefully to keep the pomade fresh and prevent it from drying, as it dries quite quickly. Now scoop a little pomade onto the brush and define your bottom brow line.
  3. Now it’s time for the top brow line but make it softer and gently blended.
  4.  Then fill in the brow with the pomade: start from the tail as it should be strongly accentuated.
  5. As you work your way towards the inner brow edge, decrease the coverage to achieve a natural-looking finish.
  6. Now brush your brows with a spoolie to brush off the excess pomade. Done!

The best eyebrow pomades – beauty ranking

1. The best eyebrow pomade – Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade

Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade is undoubtedly the best brow pomade available nowadays. Do you already know it? This popular product allows you to create professional makeup and flawless eyebrows easily. It’s all thanks to the soft and perfectly refined formula. The Nanobrow pomade is also eagerly recommended. This top-quality product is soft, very malleable, and super long-wear, plus it’s properly pigmented. It comes in intense shades that look beautiful in any light. The three lovely shades were selected to match all complexions and brow types! We know you’ll love it and won’t reach for any other! Nanobrow Eyebrow Pomade also surprises pleasantly with its price – it’s a great value for money and worth investing in.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

From the brow queen herself, here’s the royal Dipbrow pomade. It had to rank high, as it was Anastasia Soare, the founder of the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand, who first introduced the pomade to the beauty market. Many makeup artists admit this is the best eyebrow pomade for anyone who loves the ultimate coverage and intense brow makeup looks. The heavily pigmented and thick formula is available in 11 shades but unfortunately comes at a high price.

3. Kat Von D Beauty 24-Hour Super Brow Pomade

The pomade from Kat Von D is unusual but highly recommended. Its texture is gel-like and the formula has quite a strong pigmentation. According to many people, it works best as a stage brow pomade: it looks great even in strong lighting and comes in a range of unusual shades (from green to red), which allows you to create even the most sophisticated stage makeup. Unfortunately, the price is not budget-friendly at all.

4. Tarte Frameworker Brow Pomade

Tarte is a prestigious brand whose makeup products are appreciated worldwide and their pomade is eagerly recommended. Unfortunately, the price is far from perfect. However, we have to admit the rose gold jar is truly beautiful. It gained popularity due to its great vegan, creamy formula. It’s great to work with, creating long-wear eyebrow makeup. It is one of the most recommended eyebrow pomades, as it contains precious babassu oil, which nourishes brow hairs.

5. Benefit Cosmetics POWmade pomade

Eight interesting shades, a pleasant formula, and a lovely satin finish make this pomade one of the most recommended. The Benefit POWmade delivers long-lasting filled-in brows, dries quickly on the eyebrows, and doesn’t rub off or run off the brows even in heavy rain. The price is quite high, which can be a big downside, especially since we know it’s possible to find a decent brow pomade at a more affordable price.

6. WBco The Brow Pomade

The WBco’s product may not be as often recommended and frequently reviewed as the other options here, but it is undoubtedly a decent product, especially if you need something extra for the “big night out” and want to create a super bold brow look. The price here is way more affordable, the durability is good, and there are 5 different shades to choose from. Unfortunately, the size does not impress: it’s only 3 grams.

What is a better brow styling product – pencil or pomade?

Both pomades and pencils are among the most popular and recommended brow makeup products. Although they are very different, according to many, they are both essential for good brow makeup. Eyebrow pencils are considered perfect for owners of sparse brows or for those who just want to improve their brow shape. It’s good to carry them in your purse, for minor touch-ups throughout the day. Eyebrow pomade helps create a smooth and natural finish, as well as bolder brow looks. It is versatile and gives you many options for filling in your brows. Basically, both products are great and it all depends on your preferences.

What is the difference between brow pomade and brow gel?

Eyebrow pomade is designed to help you create natural and defined brows, as well as create precise hair-like strokes. Brow pomades have a creamy texture, usually come in a jar, and provide stronger coverage and more defined makeup. It camouflages sparse areas perfectly. It’s a great option for anyone with sparse or thinning brows and for anyone who wants to add extra definition to their brows.

The best brow gels are designed to set makeup, define brow hairs, and prevent complete brow makeup done with eyebrow pomade from rubbing off. It can boost your brow makeup to ensure you get a smooth and even finish when applying the product. Brow pomade and clear eyebrow gel are often used together for extra control over the brows. The gel works more on brow hairs without tinting the skin and delivers a laminated brow effect.