Stunning lashes. Four steps in a day-to-day eyelash care

We have a huge influence on the appearance of our lashes – during the makeup removal, when putting on makeup, during all skin treatments. What to do to have naturally beautiful lashes? You will only need to follow four easy steps and use appropriate cosmetics. 

In regard to the anatomy and needs, lashes are pretty much the same as hair. If we want to strengthen them, we must activate the bulbs and provide them with nutrients. At the same time, we cannot forget about providing proper protection to the entire length. 

The biggest mistake that can be made is forgetting about daily lash care. Even the best mascara infused with vitamins will not be enough. We must act comprehensively, that is, follow the four steps to beautiful eyelashes on a daily basis.


1. Diet rich in zinc and silicon

For proper growth, lashes require a range of vitamins and minerals. The most important is silicon which takes part in the collagen synthesis, it is responsible for nourishing the bulbs and improves proper lash growth. It is worth supplying it with it with zinc, which supports the production of keratin (the basic hair component) and strengthens eyelashes. Where can we find these ingredients? In order to deliver them, you can include nettle, fruit with peel, chives, spring water, fish, pumpkin seeds, wheat bran, eggs and garlic in your menu.

2. Daily lash nourishment 

Nourishing from within is only a part of the success, thus the next step towards beautiful lashes is to start using a high-quality eyelash serum. Make sure that the cosmetic consists of a diversity of vitamins, panthenol, allantoin, oils, plant extracts. Growth-stimulating serums are a professional support in a daily care – they are easy to use and work comprehensively. After a few weeks of regular use, your lashes become longer, thicker and fuller. 

3. Conditioning mascara 

The truth is, lashes can be reinforced constantly throughout the day. All you need to do is to choose a mascara that will, apart from standard effects (lengthening, thickening and darkening), take care of the lash condition as well. The cosmetic market is flooded with this type of products. Nevertheless, the combination of a top-rated eyelash serum and a good mascara is the best recipe for healthy and stunning lashes.

4. Appropriate makeup removal

When are the lashes most likely to damage? Unfortunately, during makeup removal, but there are two factors that have an impact on it. Forst of all, some of us do not know how to remove the makeup properly. We tend to use harsh detergents and rub the eyelids to get rid of the cosmetics quickly whilst it is extremely important to be very gentle and use mild products. With the use of a soaking cotton pad, you should carefully wipe the eyelids in one direction, previously holding it close to the eye for a while to dissolve the cosmetics. Secondly, we use the wrong products. Eyelashes are damaged by low-quality makeup removers. In this case, a good substitute is to use natural oils.