Slow Beauty – the Philosophy of Beauty from Head to Toe

Slow life, slow fashion – trends that take the Internet over but most of all steal our hearts. Why? In the days of living a hasty life, minimalism in clothes and life is like a relief for tired minds and bodies. Speaking of the body… it wants the Zen care, too.

How to… slow beauty – products with a beautiful philosophy

Skin, hair and lash care is no longer offensive.

The top products don’t just beautify but also condition and nourish from toes to the tips of your lashes. In other words, slow beauty care lets you make the best out of natural cosmetics with the minimum effort. These beauty treatments are connected with the natural care and satisfaction that results from using them.

Natural oils are good examples. These substances aren’t just fully safe and natural but also multitasking. Shea butter and coconut oil are beautifying mixtures which have a wide range of uses: body skin care, eye skin care, removing makeup, hair masks, coconut oil pulling to whiten the teeth.

An eyelash serum is another revolutionary product which corresponds with the idea of slow beauty. It’s like a magic wand, realizing every dream of long and beautiful lashes. I believe that the moment a lash serum was made, the era of false eyelashes came to an end. An eyelash enhancer lets us expose our natural beauty and grow lashes that reach the sky. Its application isn’t at all problematic. It’s quick and takes sixty seconds tops.

What else does slow beauty mean?

Natural soaps and beautifully-smelling natural scrubs, bath salts and a beauty hit – mineral clays that work for the body, face and hair care. The clays are so natural that I might say mother nature has had something to do with their creation. I recommend slow beauty to everyone who sees the connection between the beauty care and the mind.

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