Secret to beautiful, healthy hair uncovered!

You’re right. It’s unfair that hair is damaged so easily. We don’t need to put much effort in worsening its condition. Hormonal imbalance, changing seasons, medication, central heating are just some of the factors that aren’t hair-friendly. Even stress might translate to worse hair, split ends, dull color or lost volume. Warm hats in winter trigger sebum overproduction. What can we do to aid hair, keeping it lovely and mostly healthy? We uncover the secret!

1. Treat your hair with oils

Haven’t started yet?! We encourage you to start off! Hair oil treatment is like an oily mask for hair and scalp. By nourishing the skin on the head, you give your hair the biggest gift ever: oils work on the follicles and strengthen hair stem as well as the most important part of the hair which determines proper growth and appearance. Natural oil treatment can be done once a week. What’s our method? We apply a cold-pressed oil to hair and scalp and… go to sleep! Shampoo hair in the morning and style as usual. The effect will go beyond your expectations!

2. Cool down!

We don’t like heat and neither does our hair. Don’t burn it down, set a cool airflow on your dryer instead! 40 Celsius degrees is an optimal temperature but with cooler air, your hair benefits even more. A flat-iron overuse is the worst thing your hair might experience. Over 200 degrees is like putting your head in the oven… Disulfide bonds inside the hair are broken and cannot be fixed. Hair is in a very bad shape, easily damaged.

3. Treat your hair gently

This might sound weird but it’s true. Hair needs tenderness. Give it decent care, don’t tug while detangling, don’t wear tight towel turbans. Damp hair is extremely delicate, exposed to mechanical damage. Comb out your hair gently moving from the ends to the roots and use a wide-tooth comb. Secure the tips with a hair oil or serum and always remember to dry the hair before sleep. Damp hair rubs against the pillow throughout the night and breaks.

4. Check the INCI list

Do you wonder why your scalp is oily, itchy and irritated or hair looks dull and feels like straw? Your products might be the wrongdoers – ill-matched ingredients, excess of comedogenic substances and irritants. Always make sure your shampoo or conditioner is filled with natural ingredients safe for skin, not causing irritations. Check if they are free from silicones, alcohols such as alcohol denat or benzyl alcohol. Substances such as SLS also irritate the scalp and dry it out, as well as cause damage to external hair structures.

5. Get hair trimmed on a regular basis & get a superb treatment

Hair gets damaged and in order to keep it healthy you need to trim the ends. It’s a key to success and a preventive step that keeps damage away. Hair likes to be pampered. Ask your hairstylist to take a look at your hair and adjust the right conditioning treatment for you e.g. advanced ampules, botox, steaming or vitamin-rich mask. Try to abstain from hair coloring because – sooner or later – dyes make hair suffer.

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