Oil Hair Treatment – List of the Most Popular Oils

Oil hair treatment has become so popular recently, that we shouldn’t be surprised with the flood of articles and guidelines on the very topic that struck the Internet. However, there is still one piece of information missing – which oil to pick to make it a perfect match for our hair? Here is the list of the most popular oil products with their brief characteristic.


Accessibility: castor oil can be bought in pharmacies
For: matte, slowly growing hair
Features: it strengthens hair bulbs / stimulates microcirculation in scalp / prevents hair loss / stimulates hair growth / delivers gloss to strands / eliminates dandruff


Accessibility: best if bought at trusted vendors’ or in shops that sell eco and organic goods
For: coconut oil is recommended for low porosity hair
Features: nourishes hair very well / provides regeneration / is good for split ends / works as a perfect base ingredient for homemade hair products


Accessibility: the easiest way to buy argan oil is to visit online sales
For: argan oil can be applied to all hair types / it is universal
Features: if cold-pressed and non-refined, argan oil restores structure of damaged hair / it strengthens, smooths and protects length of hair / makes hair more elastic and rejuvenates hair


Accessibility: the cheapest sweet almond oils can be bought on the Internet sales
For: sweet almond oil is good for matte and dehydrated hair
Features: regenerates, delivers moisture and deeply nourishes / eliminates problem of brittleness / protects against harmful action of the external factors / adds shine and makes strands elastic


Accessibility: food linseed oil can be bought almost in every regular shop / when it comes to the cosmetic linseed oil, the easiest way to get it is to visit online stores
For: linseed oil is good for medium porosity and high porosity hair
Features: smooths hair / eliminates frizz and dry dandruff / rebuilds and strengthens strands that are damaged by hairdresser’s treatments / accelerates hair growth


Accessibility: jojoba oil can be bought in drugstores, pharmacies and Internet shops
For: weakened and damaged strands / medium porosity and high porosity hair
Features: moistens hair gifting it with softness / relieves irritations and inflammations of scalp / eliminates dandruff / makes hair more elastic / adds volume and prevents frizz