Natural components of hair care products. Do you know them all?

In hair care cosmetics, you will find more and more interesting and surprising ingredients of natural origin. In order to meet the desired results and for them to be safe, they must grow and on organic crops and have appropriate certificates. Are you familiar with natural ingredients used in hair care cosmetics? Let’s find out!

A bit of refreshment

In many hair care cosmetics, you can often find ginseng, lemon and mint. They have a characteristic smell, but more importantly, their action is beneficial for both the hair and scalp. These ingredients cleanse, strengthen, stimulate the scalp and stimulate hair follicles to grow. Thanks to such substances, the strands will become soft and shiny, they will also be stronger and better moisturized.

Cleansing and refreshing

If you care about maintaining proper hair and scalp condition, choose products rich in lavender, ginkgo, cornflower or wheat. The ingredients have nourishing, moisturizing and smoothing effects. They work perfectly for thin, weak and delicate hair.

The fewer the better?

For people with sensitive skin and allergy tendencies, it is especially important. If you can relate to this issue, you should choose cosmetics with aloe vera, jojoba oil or cane sugar. By using products rich in such substances, you will be sure that the skin of your head will always be perfectly groomed and the hair will be nourished and strengthened.

Natural cosmetics for hair

Biosthetique Botanique cosmetics are ideal for people who appreciate the natural care of hair and scalp. Each of the three series of products has been adapted to different hair needs. Nutrition will be provided by cosmetics from the Intense line, whilst weak hair will benefit from the Gentle series. However, Balancing series is most recommended for sensitive hair. All Botanique cosmetics are organic, they have not been animal tested and do not contain GMOs. What’s interesting is that the product packaging is biodegradable.

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