Multi-tonal Coloring With Color Cuts – Unique Hairdresssing Accessories For Hair Salons.

highlighting foam strips

Multi-tonal Coloring With Color Cuts – Unique Hairdresssing Accessories For Hair Salons.
Do you value quality and follow new trends in the world of hairdressing? Want to upgrade your salon and keep up with the times? Want your clients to recommend it as one of the most prestigious? Surprise them with innovation in multi-tonal hair coloring! Introduce Highlighting Foam Strips – maximally functional strips for coloring and highlighting.

Innovation in hair coloring

The process of hair coloring is a time-consuming and tiresome procedure. Can it be shortened and easier? Naturally! Forget about impractical aluminum foil strips that you have to cut yourself and that tear during the procedure! Try out Highlighting Foam Strips from the global Maltese brand. These light and precisely-cut strips are made of high-quality polystyrene foam. No need to fold the edges – they stick together, holding the hair section in place. They are so easy to use that even an untrained trainee can perform coloring masterfully! However, they have many more advantages – here’s a list of them!

Highlighting Foam Strips – advantages

  1. They are eco-friendly and recyclable.
  2. They are easy to use and shorten coloring time, so you can take on more clients in a day.
  3. They are reusable – you can wash and reuse them!
  4. They are very durable: they don’t tear or crease.
  5. They insulate heat and maintain the optimal temperature.
  6. They come in different colors so you can mark the color of the hair dye while applying multiple shades.
  7. Suitable length ( 105x310mm) makes them suitable for coloring even long hair.
  8. They are beautiful and eye-catching: they upgrade the prestige of your salon and deliver aesthetics of the treatment.

highlighting foam strips

Highlighting Foam Strips – perfect for professionals

If you value professionalism and want to provide your clients with the best quality products – introduce colorful and beautiful strips from the global Maltese brand to your salon! Color Cuts brand is known and valued around the globe for its innovative and highly aesthetic products. They put your clients in a good mood and add glamour to the coloring procedure. Take control of coloring even the finest highlights!

Color Cuts coloring strips – reviews

Did you know that the unique Color Cuts strips are loved by hairdressers and customers alike? They are currently the hottest trend in many hair salons. They are so comfortable and beautiful, making them irresistible! Here are some reviews from the hairdressers:

The best coloring strips for my trainees! Now they quickly master the art of multi-tonal hair coloring and highlighting.

Clients come to my salon and ask: can you use these great colorful strips today too?

My clients praise the Highlighting Foam Strips very much. They are light, fun and make coloring prcess much shorter! How can I deny them this luxury?

Excellent product in tune with the zero-waste concept! I’ve washed my strips several times and they are still in great shape! It is 100% economical investment. 200 strips equal 1000 highlights!

WOW! These strips cut the treatment time almost in half! Finally a great product that is not from China!

Highlighting Foam Strips are unbeatable! See for yourself and introduce a revolution to your salon! Learn more about the product: