How to take care of your eyebrows fast using Nanobrow? It works in just 30 days!


Only a month to makeover your eyebrows completely – is it possible? It appears that eyebrow serums aren’t any worse than eyelash serums. The best of them work like a precise mechanism aiming only at your eyebrow beauty. Thanks to them, your brow ridge – even if thin and over-plucked – can undergo a massive transmogrification. Which eyebrow serum is the best one? You don’t have to puzzle over it any longer: meet Nanobrow – creme de la creme among all home eyebrow treatments.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum – Why this serum in particular?

This is, as mentioned above, creme de la creme among all eyebrow serums. Nanobrow doesn’t only enravish thanks to its effectiveness but also the fast action that it delivers. It’s well-composed and well-thought-out. Moreover, the composition was tested to ensure its effectivity. Also, the knowledge of the hair growth cycle and its anatomy contributed to creating a cosmetic that fulfils all the prevailing standards that the present-day beauty products must achieve. In other words, Nanobrow is efficient, easy to use and fast to bring out the effects.

Additionally, Nanobrow eyebrow serum equals fair price especially when taking into consideration the beauty product’s efficiency as well as the fact that many other slower-working eyebrow serums cost definitely more.

It’s also worth adding that Nanobrow is absorbed really fast, it stays on the very place where applied, it doesn’t clump eyebrows. Basically, it works really discretely. It can be applied before doing make-up, however, it’s better to put it on dry and clean brows at bedtime.

Who is Nanobrow designed for?

Nanobrow is the answer to all problems connected with eyebrows, their condition and appearance. This serum is multi-purpose and is designed to treat:

  • eyebrows that are weak and fall out excessively
  • eyebrows that are thin and sparse
  • eyebrows exposed to failed hair removal or henna
  • eyebrows which growth has been impeded
  • eyebrows which aren’t able to grow back on their own
  • eyebrows that got lightened up due to damages
  • dehydrated brow ridge skin area
  • eyebrows that are negatively affected either by the sun or ill-matching cosmetics

brow growth serum nanobrow

What does Nanobrow eyebrow serum contain? [ingredients]

Since we’ve already compared Nanobrow to ‘creme de la creme’ of all brow serums, the fact that the product composition is superb shouldn’t surprise. These are high-class substances which have a direct and positive impact on brow growth, reinforcement and their state. Together they create a strongly nourishing blend that affects hair matrix and entire brow hair shaft.

Active peptides, amino acids and vitamins as well as plant extracts displaying strong nourishing and regenerating properties (baikal skullcap root, soy and wheat sprout, ginseng) make Nanobrow work like a ‘well-oiled machine’ that boosts eyebrow regeneration and accelerates their growth.

How to use Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

This brow serum is supposed to be applied once a day. A small, sponge-like applicator (similar to the applicators that most lip glosses go with) evenly distributes and doses the cosmetic really well. For that reason, just one glide is needed to cover the entire brow ridge with the serum.

Moreover, Nanobrow has to be applied on a daily basis, best if it’s done in the evening. It takes no more than a few seconds as it takes a moment for the product to penetrate eyebrow bulbs. After a few weeks of regular Nanobrow use, the brow serum can be applied just once or twice per week to support the effect of thick and healthy eyebrows.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum – Benefits

  • it improves eyebrow condition
  • it stimulates even the β€˜asleep’ bulbs, accelerates brow growth and thickens the entire brow ridge
  • makes brows darker and intensifies their natural colour
  • regenerates and moisturises dehydrated brows
  • conditions, replenishes with water and reinforces eyebrow structures
  • delivers easy-to-notice effects really fast
  • it’s cost-effective
  • slows down and prevents uncontrolled eyebrow loss

brow enhancing nanobrow

Nanobrow eyebrow serum – Drawbacks

In order to remain impartial and professional, we decided to find some drawbacks of the eyebrow serum so as to warn the users-to-be. It was really difficult to find one because it’s hard to make a complaint about Nanobrow’s effectiveness, its efficiency or price that, when compared to the action delivered, is really fair. The applicator didn’t wear out and the stunning bottle didn’t lose its inscriptions even after a few months of continuous use. However, we finally managed to discover one flaw that, basically, almost all eyebrow serums have, except the gel conditioners. Namely, the liquid can be easily spilt if the cap isn’t tightly screwed. Therefore, remember to close the bottle tight after every use.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum – Opinion and price

Nanobrow is an eyebrow serum that is gathering more and more positive reviews. Also, it’s winning the first places in various rankings comparing the best eyebrow serums. Moreover, not only women reach for Nanobrow since men who lost they brows due to injuries or sickness report using this cosmetic as well. The high score that Nanobrow keeps achieving is owed to the product’s effectiveness and its quality that meet expectations of many women and men worldwide. Learn more:

24 Comments “How to take care of your eyebrows fast using Nanobrow? It works in just 30 days!”

  1. mixie


  2. Carmen

    I use it for a month and am very happy with it πŸ™‚

  3. Minnie Te

    I heven’t yet had the pleasure to try it but it sounds promising. These ingredients can truly work wonders.

  4. Ann

    I know it and love it πŸ™‚ Nanobrow saved my eyebrows after failed waxing.

  5. baby

    Sounds really cool, but is exopensive, maybe someday I get it as a gift…

  6. Sweet Almond

    Brilliant serum, saved me from expensive permanent treatment. My eyebrows finally grew back after YEARS of plucking, Nanobrow is perfect!

  7. Sandra

    I use Nanolash for eyelashes and I love the effects so I’ll gladly try Nanobrow πŸ™‚

    • Patricia

      I too decided to try nanobrow encouraged by nanolash action πŸ™‚

      • XoXo

        Me too, I used Nanolash and now I think that it will be similar with Nanobrow πŸ™‚

  8. WowJean

    When you have problem with extremely thin and sparse eyebrows, you’ll do anything and no price is too high. Nanobrow has really good price as for such effects. There are many more expensive and way worse serums out there!

  9. julie sanders

    can it restore eyebrows after failed waxing?

  10. Martha

    Price can drive one away, but it’s WORTH IT!

    • patricia moon

      For such a quality it’s in fact fair price there are some more expensive ones and not as effective…

  11. Paola97

    Finally, eyebrow serum that works and is not causing irritation! I recommend it to all women who want natural fullness and darkening to their eyebrows

  12. Corinne Walters

    How long does this erum last for? Where can I buy?

    • LittleLady

      Lasts for really long. On the official website, cheers:)

  13. Clara32

    Intersting thing. Many bloggers recommend it. Don’t know why some are scared off by the price, it’s not expensive, all products like this cost similar or twice as much…

  14. MeYouWe

    I look for something like that with good price. I’m convinced and I’m gonna get Nanobrow.

  15. eyebrows-my-life

    I like nicely shaped eyebrows that is why I regularly use eyebrow serums. Not all of them work but Nanobrow is a very positive surprise – brows are beautifully darkened, full of gloss and fuller. <3

  16. LillyAnn

    Does it work also on fair and thin eyebrows?

    • Renee

      @LillyAnn why wouldn’t it work? Nanobrow helps no matter the state eyebrows are at the beginning πŸ™‚

  17. Gina

    Loooooooveeeee this serum! It’s trully amazing! :*

  18. Lovecosmetics

    One of the best cosmtics I had a pleasure of using in my ‘career’, perfect serum, great and fast effects, efficient, good price, fast delivery and most of all beautiful eyebrows.

  19. #ihavebeautifuleyebrows

    It’s true: I finally have beautiful eyebrows thanks to Nanobrow!


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