How to take care of hair properly?

Do you know what is the best way to take care of your hair? It is simply not enough to comb the strands everyday, wash scalp every few days and apply a conditioner once in a while. In general, proper hair care consists of everyday home beautifying treatments, use of dietary supplements and frequent visits at a hairdresser’s.

As mentioned before, it is advisable to devote some time to a few activities connected with hair care every single day. The most basic ones are obviously combing and styling. It is worth adding, scalp massage and intake of dietary supplements are also crucial. When it comes to the scalp massage, it stimulates blood circulation, which results in making hair stronger. What is more, thanks to massage, hair starts growing faster. Start the kneading from the back of the head (near the neck) and move your fingers towards top of the head. Do it gently, using only the fingertips. And why combing is so crucial? Despite the obvious reasons (e.g. removing tangles), thanks to this prosaic activity, sebum is distributed along hair, making it moisturized. Moreover, sebum restores the natural hair shine. It is advisable to use a wooden brush with natural bristle. Another key element of everyday hair and scalp care are dietary supplements. Their composition should contain zinc, horsetail, iron and vitamins.

It is also suggested to wash hair with a shampoo and apply a conditioner or other hair care products every two or three days. Several things have to be pointed out while discussing the best way of hair washing. For example, a shampoo has to match both scalp needs and hair type. What is more, the care cosmetic has to be dissolved with water, and rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water. It is crucial to avoid warm water while rinsing the product because only cold water helps with closing hair cuticles. Furthermore, washing hair with a conditioner is yet another method applied by many people. This kind of technique is called Conditioner Only Washing. In brief, it depends on washing hair with a conditioner two times and then rinsing the product precisely. What is more, it is also suggested to apply so-called rub-on cosmetics every few days. These products include ampules, serum and herbal hair washes.

Your hair will be grateful if you treat it with oils, smooth with linseed or apply a hair mask once a week. All these methods improve hair condition, regenerate and nourish it as well. What is more, hair will be gifted with shine, become smooth and stronger. As a consequence, the strands will be less vulnerable to damages and drying out. The best way to apply hair care cosmetics, like a hair mask, is by coating hair with the product and wrapping the head with a towel. In this way, warmth will be generated that facilitates faster absorption of the care product.

When it comes to the hair dyeing and trimming, these treatments should be performed once a month. Remember though, do not do them on your own. Let the professionals carry out the treatments for you (unless you are one of them). Hair dyeing helps with camouflaging grey hair along with its roots. Thanks to a new colour applied on the hair, you will gain completely new look. Trimming in turn, is good for making hair regenerated and stimulates hair growth.

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