How to fix damaged nails after gel manicure?

Gel manicure, or simply gel nails, has lots of benefits: above all it is a long-lasting and comfortable option. Unfortunately, its biggest benefit – long-wearability – turns out to be a nail-damaging factor at the same time. Why does gel nail polish cause damage to the nails? How to repair damaged nails after gel?

Why gel mani causes damage to your nails?

The reason why gel polish worsens the condition and – automatically – appearance of the nails is this type of manicure requires applying a few coats of strongly-working nail polish. A gel nail polish is a chemical-laden product that doesn’t contain any nutritional ingredients. The weak condition of nails flows from the long-term, regular use of gel polish – nails start breaking and have an unhealthy color. Getting the gel mani done again starts causing trouble too but it’s obvious and natural – why would a nail polish stay on damaged nail plates? Instead of clinging to the plates, it flakes and comes off the nails. What can you do then? Take a break and devote the time to nail repair.

How to repair damaged nails due to gel manicure?

You should remove the gel polish in a way that doesn’t cause damage. If you don’t know how to do it, let a professional do the job rather than take risks. Once the gel is removed, you should cut the nails short to let them strengthen faster. After that, apply an organic oil (a few times a day) or nail conditioner. Use a hand lotion more often, ideally after every hand wash.

Post-gel nail repair must go hand in hand with the change of eating habits. Foods for healthy nails must be rich in silicon, magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamin C, vitamins B, fatty acids and lots of mineral water. You can find the healthy minerals, vitamins and acids in seeds, brans, low-fat meat, eggs, groats, legumes, fish, linseed oil and olive oil.

Your gel-mani break should last for two or three months. During the break don’t wear nail extensions or even a nail polish. If you plan on having gel mani done in the future, remember about a protein-rich base to prime the nails, strengthen and nourish them. A vitamin primer contains vitamin E and B5 which keep the nail plates healthy.

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