Hairdresser’s tricks. How to straighten the hair and make it sleek without a straightener?

Many people claim that a hair straightener is a pure evil. Ok, but what should I do if my wisps are never smooth and I really love sleek straight hair? Discover the best methods of making your hair silky smooth without the use of a hair straightener. 

Nobody will deny that hair straightening with high temperature on a daily basis is the shortest way to damaging the hair completely. A straightener leaves the hair dull, dehydrated, sometimes burns the hair and always damages it. More and more women look for alternatives to this method. Is it even possible to have smooth and straight hair without using the hot tool? Yes, of course! Not one, but there are a few reliable methods that bring tremendous effects. 

Straightening when blowdrying 

It is probably the easiest way to straighten your hair, it is also referred to as ‘brushing’. It is the most common method used at the salon. What’s it like? The hair is being straightened while blowdrying with the use of a round brush, strand by strand. Of course, you must have a minimum set of manual skills to avoid pulling and tanging. It is very important that the blow dryer is set to cool air, otherwise, the hair structure can be damaged.  

Straightening with hair oiling 

The second effective method is using the properties of natural oils. They contain essential ingredients that leave the hair soft, shiny and resilient. Perfectly nourished and moisturised hair are less prone to frizz and definitely smoother. A good oil used before blowdrying will also help reduce the harmful effects of high temperature. Such thermal protection and smoothness are noticeable right after the first hair oiling (it can be an overnight treatment or hot oil treatment). 

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment 

It is a very popular procedure among women how cannot deal with their hair or simply do not have enough time to do it on a daily basis. The treatment can be done at a salon by a professional. Keratin Hair Straightening provides the hair with a maximum dose of keratin that is the key structural material making up hair. Regenerated hair regains its beautiful shine, smoothness and is sleek even though the word straightening in the name is not the main aim of the treatment. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing that the technician uses a hot straightener for putting the protein back into the hair, which is often lost due to age and chemical processing. 

Hair lamination treatment with gelatin 

This is a treatment that can be done in the comfort of your own home and is extremely popular among bloggers and vloggers. Gelatin is to restore hair’s softness, smoothness and shine. Of course, the procedure is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians. How to do it? Dissolve a teaspoon of gelatin in three tablespoons of warm water and add to the conditioner you use on a regular basis. Apply the blend to clean hair and secure with a shower cap; leave in for 45 minutes. Rewash your hair and enjoy the incredible shine and smoothness.