Flowers in the bottle. Beautifying elixir from L’Oreal Elseve – Magical Power of Essential Oils

Dyed hair require increased care. It is because dyes contain number of strong ingredients, that cause hair dryness. Among these substances leads ammonia – ruthless hair destroyer.

To prevent total annihilation, dyed hair should be constantly nourished and regenerated. For this purposes great are natural oils with exceptional ability to penetrate inner hair structures and nourish them from the inside out. This is something no shampoo or hair conditioner can do.

Beautifying Elixir from L’Oreal Elseve, Magical Power of Essential Oils was created for hair that can easily lose their gloss, moisture and colour after significant period of time since the colourisation. Beautifying Elixir from L’Oreal Elseve belongs to rich conditioning line called – Magical Power of Essential Oils. It is an oil in colour of deep amber, that has pleasing and delicate smell.

Oil contains natural floral oils, that in an effective way regenerate and strengthen hair as well as take care of intense colour after colourisation.

Chamomile oil is rich in vitamin C, which provides hair with young appearance and prevents hair loss. Oil pressed from flowers of chamomile softens hair and makes them become silky smooth in touch. Chamomile oil regenerates and ensures gentle care of dyed hair. Lotus flower oil in an intense nourishment and moisture of hair. It penetrates hair structures and regenerates. Very valuable oil is MONOI – Polynesian secret to beautiful hair and healthy skin. It holds protective and strengthening properties on hair, gently moisturises and most of all provides beautiful gloss. MONOI improves hair resistance and elasticity. On top of that, it will take care of hair ends, ensure gloss and protect them against damages. Valuable for hair antioxidants contains also wild rose oil, that inhibits ageing processes, moisturises, provides gloss and consists of numerous nourishing minerals for dyed hair. On the other hand, flax extract is frequently used in products for colourisation treatment, because it contributes to intensification of colour, which does not fade even many days after the treatment.

Beautifying Elixir from L’Oreal Elseve, Magical Power of Essential Oils perfectly protects dyed hair and its regular use provides gloss and colour protection. It absorbs great – almost entire oil vanishes in the hair and starts the regeneration, strengthening and moisture there, without weighting hair down.

Beautifying Elixir from L’Oreal Elseve, Magical Power of Essential Oils has volume of 100 ml/3.4 oz and was poured into plastic bottle with red decorations, that in great way co operate with amber colour of oil. Unfortunately, Beautifying Elixir has one minor flaw: it consists of large amount of alcohol. All we are left with is faith in oils and their nourishing power to be stronger than drying properties of alcohol.