Effect of Alcohol on Skin. How to Minimize Consequences of Partying?

Alcohol causes serious damage to our health but there’s more to its dangers! It has a bad impact on the complexion as well so it’s definitely a smart idea to cut it out. Nevertheless, if you happen to party from time to time, it’s good to know how to minimize the bad effect of alcohol on your skin.

I guess we all get carried away from time to time and have one glass of wine too much. What does this mean for our complexion?

Effect of alcohol on skin

Alcohol is metabolized by the liver and releases toxic substances as a by-product of this process. They are distributed all over the body, making our skin suffer too. A glass of wine, champagne, liqueur chocolates – each of the innocent-looking treats makes the skin worse.

Why so? We all know it very well: try to remember your face a day after a party. Dryness, dullness, coarseness, blotchiness, dark under eye circles, dark spots, broken capillaries, zits, more noticeable wrinkles, etc. The list seems endless while we focus only on the effect on the skin!

How to reduce the negative consequences of alcohol and its effect on the skin?

Skin-care experts see eye to eye: you can save your skin from the bad effects of boozy parties. Grab top tips from estheticians.


1. Provide your skin with intensive hydration.

Before you go to a party, take action early enough. Drink lots of water and use hydration-boosting products, for example hyaluronic acid face serum.

2. Keep your make-up subtle.

If possible, ditch the bold-make-up idea. Your complexion will have a hard time anyway so try not overburden it unnecessarily. Go for fresh, radiant skin spiked with a BB cream and subtle eye make-up. If you really need a bolder element, use a red lipstick.


3. Drink lots of water.

Alcohol dehydrates the body and also the skin. That is why drinking much more water than usual is essential. Ideally mix water with citrus juice, cucumber juice or mint for extra antioxidant properties.

4. Choose your booze wisely.

The choice of alcohol matters for the skin too. The big rule says you can’t mix different alcoholic drinks. If you choose wine, stick to it. The other rule mentions the sweetness of alcohol: high-sugar alcoholic drinks (beer, cocktails) leave the face bloated.

5. Avoid sweet cocktails.

The sweetness should also be avoided while making cocktails. The sweeter it is, the worse effect on skin it has.

6. Drink moderately.

Still, the key thing is to keep moderation and never go beyond the set limitations. The skin but also the entire body will thank you in return. Before the party, think how much you can and want to drink and stick to it, sipping one drink throughout the night, for example.


7. Remove make-up and use a scrub.

Obviously, taking all make-up off should be the first thing you do after coming back home. Follow a multistage routine: cleanse the face using micellar water, oil, and scrub. Thoroughly cleansed complexion guarantees a faster repair process at night. Toxic substances will have an easy way out.

8. Use a retinol face serum.

You should know that alcohol takes vitamin A supplies away from your body while this vitamin is responsible for production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that keep the skin elastic and young. So, using a retinol facial serum after a party is a good idea because it delays the aging process triggered by alcohol.

9. Have some green tea.

Allow yourself some rest with a cup of green tea which is a famous antioxidant. Ideally, add some ingredients like a slice of lemon, mint, ginger or turmeric. They all help the body detoxify and get back to normal. Besides, herbs have a very beneficial effect on skin.

10. Always keep hydrated.

Without a doubt, drinking water is the most important thing. Ideally, drink water with some lemon which promotes liver detox. You will bounce back faster if you drink a minimum two liters of water a day.