Beauty secrets. How to make eyelash grow longer?

The length of our eyelashes is recorded in the genes, however, they often do not reach the maximum on their own. If eyelashes are not taken care of properly, they will not grow long. As it turns out, there are numerous factors that have an influence on the lash growth cycle. How to make them longer?

Eyelashes are important not only because they emphasize our eyes. Without a doubt, they are a significant part of our make-up, however, there is another important role they play – eyelashes also serve a protective function. The protect our eyes from dust, pollen or small insects getting into. Mother Nature has figured it all out for us and the shorter the lashes, the weaker the protection. This is another reason why it is worth taking care of our lashes.

First of all, it is best to determine how the way we treat them, influences their condition. The most common factors disturbing their proper growth:

– forgetting that mascaras have an expiry date, 

– damaging eyelashes by using an eyelash curler or eyelash extensions, 

– rubbing eyes too vigorously when removing eye makeup, 

– ignoring the necessity of makeup removal. 

Only after eliminating all those factors, we can proceed with the proper treatment. If you wish to have longer lashes, you can follow two ways (both have many advantages):

Optical eyelash lengthening 

Many methods are based on optical tricks – in fact, we do not influence the real length of the eyelashes, but we try to enhance them in a different way. That is how mascaras work. Most of them are designed to increase the volume, darken the lashes, and lift them. Thanks to this trick, the lashes are almost doubled – at least optically. Unfortunately, the effect lasts only until you remove your makeup. Home-made methods work in a similar way, for instance, Castor oil darkens that lashes. An eyelash curler will lift and curl them. Applying false eyelashes is the best example of covering up imperfections. 

Boosting eyelash growth

Despite everything, strengthening lashes and boosting their growth is, by far, the best solution. But how to do it? In this case, it best to reach for an especially designed eyelash serum. 

Lash serums have one major advantage – they do not cover up the problem, they solve it. How? By penetrating and nourishing the hair follicles, by strengthening lashes from within, and by stimulating the bulbs. In consequence, your lashes start to grow longer and faster, become thicker and more resilient. A good eyelash serum contains a diversity of nutrients and a stimulating complex, necessary for proper lash development. Therefore, after a few weeks of use, preferably at night, before bedtime, your lashes are longer, stronger and more beautiful.