Beauty products that are worth big prices

Prices of beauty products vary a lot. There are ones that are virtually free and work great yet sometimes a low price means miserable effect and quality. On the other hand, paying a few hundred dollars for a single jar of a moisturizer sounds like madness.

Still, there are expensive products which make a good investment. Why? What kind of products are they?

Body care: a shower gel

Getting a good shower gel is a great idea. It might be surprising because it tends to be the cheapest cosmetic on our shopping list. Let’s face it, lots of budget gels are made up of substances like SLS which dry out the skin and have a comedogenic effect, and frequently trigger harsh irritations. If pimples or itchy spots appear on your skin, your shower gel might be the wrongdoer. Choose pricier products with natural ingredients.

Body care: a hand lotion

Hands reflect our skin care routine and give our age away whereas many commercially available creams fail to give protection against the sun and other harmful weather conditions. To make things worse, the lotions often leave the epidermis extremely dry and give an illusion of moisturizing the skin so pick your hand cream carefully.

Face care: a moisturizer

You should invest in a better moisturizer and serum rather than spend more on cleanser which has contact with the skin for a few seconds. What’s more it’s important that you moisturize the skin on the neck and chest as well. Get a pricier eye cream too because the skin in this area ages the fastest and is likely to get premature lines and wrinkles, plus it’s exposed to unfavorable external factors.
Keep another fact in mind: the skin on the face is more sensitive so you shouldn’t skimp when caring for it.

Make-up products: foundation

This very product is hands down worth a bigger price, bigger than other make-up products. Why? This cosmetic stays on your face all day long. The effect and ingredients of a foundation translate to make-up you create. It affects the “quality” of your skin too.

If your eye skin is very sensitive, choose eyeshadow and mascaras carefully. Check if they are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

Hair care: shampoo

A good hair mask gives lots of benefits but it will never camouflage or fix your scalp problems. That is why it’s a good idea to get a pricy shampoo which doesn’t have a comedogenic effect or irritate the scalp. It should do the opposite, namely, have a conditioning and cleansing effect, not disturbing the lipid barrier.


There are no doubts about it: authentic, designer fragrance is a thing that cannot be replaced by a cheap fake. Every fragrance smells different on each of us. Before purchase, we should spray some of it on the wrist and give it a few minutes to assimilate with our own body smell.

Eyelash serum

It’s a game-changing lash care product. A breakthrough that turns even the shortest, thinnest and sparse hairs into spectacularly long lashes. Eyelash serums have taken over the cosmetic market but remember that not each one is made of decent ingredients. You’d better get a pricier serum made of just a few powerful substances rather than a cheap product filled up with strange, unnecessary ingredients.

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