Argan Oil-Infused Moroccanoil Treatment

You probably know that argan oil is one of the most popular hair care oils. It is said to be the best one and is a common choice of lots of people. Both Moroccanoil Treatment Original for all hair types and Moroccanoil Treatment Light for fine and fair hair are infused with the precious argan oil.

Hair treatment and styling in one product – Moroccanoil Treatment

The way you use Moroccanoil Treatment is up to you. Use it as a repairing and conditioning treatment or a styling primer. Apply one or two pumps to damp hair and blow it dry or let it air dry. Moroccanoil Treatment may also be applied to dry hair for smoothness and nourished hair ends. For better effects, mix it with a different hair product.

Argan oil in hair care

Argan oil is extracted from the fruit of Argania trees grown in the north of Africa. The liquid has a gold color and a characteristic scent. It is known as the liquid gold of Morocco. Argan oil is rich in valuable ingredients, including fatty acids, phenols and vitamin E. Pure argan oil can be used in many ways. It is a great leave-in conditioner and hair mask, conditioning and protecting damaged and split ends. Argan oil delivers an amazing protection from heat styling and the dehydration caused by hair dyes. It also protects strands from the salty sea water. Too bad, it isn’t for all scalp types – it may prove to be too heavy and trigger an intensified work of sebum glands.

Moroccanoil Treatment – effects

Moroccanoil Treatment contains lots of valuable substances which nourish the hair. Thanks to the product:

– styling is easier

– hair is resistant to the harmful free radicals

– hair gets back its natural shine

– detangling is much easier

– hair is nourished and reinforced

– brushing routine takes a minute

– strands are protected from the UV radiation

– hair ends are conditioned and protected from damage

– hair is moisturised

Moroccanoil Treatment – extra info

The product comes in a 100-ml dark glass bottle which shields the oil’s ingredients against the damaging sunlight. The bottle comes with a handy pump that you attach yourself. One Moroccan Treatment lasts for a few months.