5 of your skin’s worse enemies. Eating habits that ruin your skin

Overfed skin – this might sound a little bit weird, but probably there is no other phrase that may depict the looks of our skin when we “feed” it with something which doesn’t serve it right. Usually, we pay attention to whether a face cream contains some nasty or irritating substances. Ok, but what about the food? It appears that the things we consume dramatically influence our mood and skin. Do you know¬†five of your skin’s worse enemies? Here is the black list of food products that worsen skin condition.

5 skin’s enemies – Eating habits and food products that ruin skin

1. Face skin vs. Sugar

Sadly, sugar doesn’t serve us well, even in the slightest. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to sugar that is naturally present in fruit, but to the processed, refined sugar. In short, if you eat a lot of sweets and add sugar to your coffee then you may expect your organism telling you about it faster than you think. In what way will this message be sent?

The first symptoms of having too much sugar running through the veins is change in your complexion shade into more dull, pale. Moreover, you skin will become thinner, you will feel painful acne, notice under eye sagging, dark circles and furrows on your forehead.

It must be realized that sugar lowers skin elasticity dramatically. Apart from having negative impact on skin firmness, sugar also contributes to appearance of blemishes, and still that’s not all. Sugar ruins your teeth and considerably worsens their condition. All in all, the excess of sugar is really damaging for our organism. There is a reason for calling this substance “the white death” or “the white poison.” Therefore, if you really feel like eating something sweet, reach for pure cocoa, honey or dried fruits.

2. Face skin vs. Gluten

Our body communicates with us continually. Naturally, it won’t give us a call someday to tell us: ‘Hey, you eat too much gluten! You know that, right?’

For that reason, treat all skin blemishes as a kind of “a text message” sent from you organism. After all, gluten is placed high on the list of substances that don’t serve our skin well.

The symptoms of consuming too much gluten are blackheads that appear on chin as well as reddened and slightly swollen cheeks. Pay attention to this the next time you look at yourself in the mirror. It’d be better if you replace gluten with fiber and drink plenty of mineral water, herbal infusions and juice.

3. Face skin vs. Fatty food

High-fat foods are the classics that is responsible for all possible skin ailments: reportedly, fat has similar action to sugar. When the level of sugar or fat in blood increases, then our skin pores are fast to get clogged.

Trans fats impede proper oxygen distribution. Also, due to increased fat level, body cells aren’t supplied with nourishing substances as well as they should be. Result? Dull complexion that is deprived of healthy shine.

4. Face skin vs. Coffee

Undoubtedly, coffee is a must in our daily schedule, at least for most of us. It works like an energy kick to help us do the basic stuff in the morning. What’s a little bit terrifying, some people say that they drink coffee before eating breakfast. Instead of taking a few bites of a sandwich, they add plenty of sugar and milk to their mug filled with fresh coffee. Sadly, such habit translates into rapid skin and stomach deterioration.

Moreover, drinking too much of coffee contributes to increasing adrenaline level in your body. And this in turn leads to appearance of an array of stress-related symptoms. As a consequence, both health and good looks are negatively affected by this.

Caffeine consumed in excessive amounts affects the quality of sleep and influences the way our body relaxes. To demonstrate, skin doesn’t have enough time to carry out self-regenerating processes, cleanse and revitalize. It’s permanently tired, dull and lacks vitality.

However, if you decided to drink coffee or just don’t want to resign from your beloved “little black coffee cup,” make it really “little” and “black.” Don’t add sugar. Then, you can drink even two cups of coffee a day.

5. Face skin vs. Lactose intolerance

The second, just next to gluten intolerance, is the problem with digesting lactose. Do you know that a good way of finding out how dairy products affect your body is by observing your skin’s reaction?

How does face skin look if the digestive system has problems with dealing with lactose? First of all, you will notice a minor swelling of your chin, white pimples, under eye sagging and swollen eyelids. If you notice similar symptoms by looking at your face, try to resign from consuming milk products for 20 days and keep observing your body’s reaction. If you see that your skin’s appearance has improved, try to replace dairy products with other foods.

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